Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I Like!!

So.. I've been writing a long time. I don't keep it that clinical nor do I claim to have answers to anything... more questions and more trying and wanting, waiting, willing... and faith of course! This is a post about the things that I like... No biggie, just a little of this and a little of that... Please feel free to read and enjoy!!!
1) Plants: African Violets and many many other plants work as natural air purifiers... many toxins in our air are not large enough to be picked up by filters. And why spend the money on a machine when you can bring into your home good chi, feng shui.. and a lot that jazz with a plant?? Put 'em outside, put 'em in the house and feel better. FYI, Lavendar, Gardenia and Jasmine offer aromatherapy that helps with sleep. Here's a couple references but you can find many with a quick google... 26 healthy houseplants from A to Z: Plant therapy/ Plants that help you sleep:
2) Himalyan Salt and Himalyan Salt Candles: Himalyan Salt is a natural source of 84 different minerals. It is a pink salt from the Himalyan Moutains, that can be used to add flavor to your food. (Salt's been given a bad rap.. don't believe the hype: Most conventional store bought salts have had iodine added. Sea vegetables are a good natural source of that instead. I sprinkle some dried Dulse or Kelp over food for that reason.
Himalyan can be made into a candle or lamp to further purify and ionize the air in your home. I prefer candles.. I'm a fan of decreasing the use of electricity in particular dirty electricity and EMF exposure but that's a whole nutha' blog post.. a very big problem, that deserves more attention than I can give it on this post here.
3) Ghee: When we first found out that we'd have to remove dairy from my son's diet, I had no idea how to replace it. It took years to discover the right types of oils for what temperatures etc etc... and one of the first I learned about was ghee or clarified butter. It is from dairy but has none of the aspects of it that are allergens, ie. casein protein and lactose. In fact it can be less allergenic than coconut oil which is great.. don't get me wrong... but being from a tree nut makes it a high allergen risk. Ghee is extremely stable, taste great, can take any heat level and has many health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicine it is well regarded for medicinal properties. In many Indian Cultures it is given to babies and children to improve their immune systems. This one here in the photo is from Pure Indian Foods: and it's cultured ghee from grassfed, pasture raised cows.. which just adds a little more bang for your buck. Probably the healthiest version of this product I've found.. and of course super tasty.
4) Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a succulent that you can grow at home whether you live in an apartment or house. It can be big or small, inside or out. If you keep it inside it's another air purifier but either way, it has medicinal properties. Use it on burns, especially sunburns and other ouchies and it will reduce pain, inflammation and help the healing process. I also like George's active aloe to take internally. It helps keep my son's belly distention down and he drinks it because it tastes like water. I swear.. it really does taste like water.. it's not sweetened, it's not bitter and it's mild. Other family members and friends have adopted it for this reason and claim to take it daily for regularity. Some claim that because George's is fractionally distilled the nutritional benefits of aloe have been stripped; however, in my experience it gets the job done well.
5) Chia / Flax seeds: I like both chia and flax especially as egg replacers. My son has a mild allergy to eggs, so for years I've found various ways to replace eggs when baking but this one works the best. See here: Chia Egg & Flax Egg Replacer Ingredients 1 tablespoon CHIA MEAL or FLAX MEAL (seeds that have been ground) 3 tablespoons WATER Instructions Whisk meal and water together and let stand 5-10 minutes until thick, gelatinous and gloppy. Use in baking as you would one egg. Reference: As I mentioned it can be used as an egg replacer in many recipes for allergies or for your vegan friends. It works great and adds a healthy amount of plant based omegas to your diet. It also does what aloe does and cleans out the you know what.... If you use it in cooking you will lose most of the omega benefit but the fiber is still present and it helps with regularity. If you use it in a smoothie or cold food, you can retain the omegas. Some say, it must be milled to release the nutritional benefits but I don't know if that's true. However, it definitely must be milled if you're using it as an egg replacer. I also prefer it to be sprouted for easier digestion. See here:
6) Dandelions: I don't know exactly why but I do love these pretty little weeds. A few months ago, I couldn't open my computer without an article or essay about the health benefits of dandelions popping up. It got to the point where I had to go out and get some dandelions just cause the universe demanded of it.. Anyway, dandelion greens, teas or herbal supplements can be used to clean kidneys and liver. It's even being researched for it's use as a cancer treatment. I really like this one blog Blissville Living: and she gives a cleansing recipe for a dandelion / violet lemonade. This gave me the idea to start making the kids popsicyles with some sort of lemonade or juice and adding a medicinal herb such as: dandelions, hibiscus, chamomile or whatever cool stuff I have lying around.
7) Nature: Everyone knows that getting out and about in nature is calming. If you've ever experienced it, you know this fact and don't need anyone to tell you but we all need a reminder from time to time. So many of our children on the autistic spectrum are hyperactive, disregulated and on edge... (actually, we're all like that these days)! Quite frankly our therapy schedules bog them down and don't allow them enough peace. Getting into nature can restore that, at least for a while. And as far as the plant thing goes.. remember the air is better when surrounded by plants.. it's cleaner and you receive more oxygen to the body.. Of course there's that pesky EMF(electromagnetic frequencies or electrosmog) thing that you get some relief from as well. EMFs are a major problem in our urban living. Again, this deserves more attention than I'm going to get into in this tiny blog post but I cannot overstate how much damage this is doing to our health and spiritual well being. All of this amazing technology has come with a high price and it behooves us to get away from it when possible. Here's one reference, should you decide to go down this rabbit hole but there are several: 8) Water: The first filter we bought was a reverse osmosis hook up to our sink, it took forever to install and when we got it in the water came out a snail's pace.. I immediately returned it in exchange for a Berkey and I'm glad. It removes all the stuff other filters do, plus you can add a filter that rids arsenic and fluoride. It tastes soft and clean.. the filters last a good long time and they don't require electricity or any hook up. You just pour the water from your faucet into the system and voila.. clean drinking water. I quickly taught my son Aydan, how to get a glass and pour himself a cup, instead of dipping his head over the faucet like he used to do... oy vey... But aside from drinking water.. water is just grand. It's important to get out into nature as I previously mentioned but something about water, the message, the memory, the feeling, the sensory sensation that heals... it's not ideal to go into a chlorinated swimming pool and I'm probably gonna get some flack for saying this but if you are stuck in the city on a hot day and can't get out, jump in the pool. There is something about water, especially for my son Aydan that makes him feel right with himself. I tried for years to teach my son how to swim.. 'do this Aydan, arm over head.. etc etc..' he would get so excited in the water he never paid me one bit of mind during my, 'do this..' attempt. One day though, he jumped into the 8 feet and popped back up and swam across the pool. He taught himself. It isn't pretty but he gets across without drowning and that's huge.
The beach is most ideal as it is a full buffet of sensory experience. Sound, wind, sand, water, movement.. it's all there. One of the bests days in recent memory was when me and my two boys participated in AWOW (A Walk on Water:'s free one day, surf camp for special needs kids. Unlike most special needs camps, they allowed my neuro-typical son, Avery to participate as well. Avery always claims to dislike the beach but not this day.. this day was a surf day. Surfer's are definitely on a higher plane than the rest of us.. they experience being a part of something that is so much bigger than ourselves. The ocean has a way of humbling you, frightening you and making you love it all at once. Both kids were hooked instantly and couldn't get enough. This day was one of those times that can only be described as 'magic'... pure magic! I know the water is polluted and public pools have toxins, etc etc.. so don't drink the water, wash off immediately afterwards and remember that healing is more than the absence of toxicity.. it's more than adding this expensive supplement.. it's more than dietary restrictions.. it's more than the number of services you can accumulate... Everything in this universe has an energy and a frequency... And no, that's not some hippi, hookie dookie, psuedo science remark.. it's any easily provable fact that everyone is aware of on some level. And lifting your spirits, giving yourself energy, raising your frequency are all an important part of the healing process. Believing in magic and taking time to experience it once in a while is a powerful form of medicine! So that's it.. that's my list. Of course there are many things I like that aren't listed.. love for example. Another powerful form of magic in and of itself but again, deserving of more attention than this little post. If you notice, the things that I like aren't big expensive products or massive invasive protocols. Truth be told, I haven't found any of that particularly or extremely helpful... Aydan has been a non-responder to most DAN / MAPs type stuff and it's really been simple every day changes that make a difference. Sometimes the changes are very subtle but I know they are real when I feel them too. I know plants make me feel good, I know being in water and drinking it when it's clean makes me feel good, I know nature makes me feel good and if I feel this way, I can safely assume I'm not alone. P.S. I'm not being paid by any of the above mentioned companies.. at present (hint hint)... I wish... Nothing other than good karma, that is.


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