Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everybody want's some.. I want some too!

We've been doing bio-medical intervention with my boy, Aydan since the beginning. Upon learning of his autism diagnosis, I never hesitated to consider it. People will often ask me "..yeah but does that stuff work?" My answer is something like this, "switching from Wonder bread to organic gluten, yeast free Food for Life bread will hurt nothing but your pocket book.. and don't you function better when you're healthy?" I'm very open to exploring the options of bio-medical interventions but there are a lot of snake oil salesmans out there, so I research quite a bit. The main thing I look for is that it be established, logical and safe.. AND if it's not approved by the FDA.. that's even better. If it is potentially harmful or seemingly ridiculous, we move onto the next thing... There's no shortage of new things to try.. try.. and try again.. The only problem is, it's pretty much NEVER within our family's means. The high costs of organic, gluten free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, uncured, dye-free, all natural, sans pesticides, sans GMO, sans money to pay for it.. Get my drift? And the other hard part is.. it isn't a cure. It's not! I've heard stories of non-verbal children talking within 3 days after beginning a Gluten free, Casein free diet but I have also heard of people who win the lottery... I have NEVER met any of these people. I have NEVER met someone who cured or recovered their child's autism with one simple thing. It is always a myriad of therapies.. generally both traditional and non.. done over several years and we have done a lot of them over the past 4. I won't say all by a long shot but A LOT.. What.. you might ask? Oy vey.. Here she blows.. DAN protocol, chelation therapy, gluthathione, DMSA, Vitamin Therapy (list way too long), AIT (Auditory Integration Training), RDI (Relationship Development Intervention), ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), DIR (Floortime), Hanen Language program, Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy, Special Day school, Intensive autism class, (we've had to sue the school incurring immense legal fees to get many of these by the way).. Uhm.. where was I? Oh.. right.. Vision therapy, Music Therapy, Hippo (horse) therapy, Mastgotova, Quigong Sensory Training, Chiropractics, HANDLE, CEASE therapy, Miller Method.. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah.. the diet, SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), GF/CF/SY (Gluten, Casein/dairy, Soy free), Candida diet.. Oh that's right.. also Anti-fungal treatment.. wait I may not be finished with the diet stuff but I haven't a lifetime to write this essay so let's move on. Anti-fungals? Yes.. let's talk about yeast, Extreme high dose pro-biotics, fermented foods, garlic, oil of oregano.. Uhm... other stuff.. And then LOTS of other stuff and at one point I think we did Nystatin and Difulcan until we just kept it au naturale. What am I forgetting? B-12 injections? Yeah, those too. So whatever.. I'm exhausted. Some of it has made some positive changes, some of it we couldn't afford long enough to tell, and some others will have to try again.. But there's never a shortage of recovery stories and as long as there out there, I have the energy to try again.. Not necessarily the money.. and not necessarily the energy either to be honest but I do it anyway. To answer the question once again, does any of it work? Well, yes some works for some.. and we'll keep looking until we find that some. I definitely want some.. don't we all? So what's this essay about? Right.. Biofilm protocol. Our DAN performs the Biofilm Protocol as follows: The following supplements should be rotated every 3-4 weeks. Start with the Microbial Maintenance. - Microbial Maintenance Plus Artemisinin capsules: 2 capsules daily, may take 1 capsule twice daily $71.20 - NutriBiotic GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid): 1-6 drops by mouth once to twice daily (best tolerated when taken in water or juice). $9.99 - Biocidin soft gels: start with 1 soft gel daily and increase to 2 soft gel daily as tolerated. $48.95 - Pharmax Caprylate Complex: 1 capsule 3 times daily $18.54 So those little numbers after the words are monies.. monies we don't have because of everything else. Can't I get a job? I wish.. God please don't strike me down for being ungrateful. I'm not ungrateful.. I'm really not.. I just need more money. God you never told me life was so expensive. How do people live off the grid with no money these days? Does that still exist? If so, please write me and tell me how as I'm desperately looking for a way out of this mess. Until then.. if you could please help (if you can), we would be very appreciative and God will hold a seat for you in heaven.. I can't confirm that but let's hope, right? We are raising funds for Aydan's Bio-film Protocol!