Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mercury causes autism!!! Wait... But what about MMR and other vaccines?

Earlier this month the Bolen Report revealed information about how the CDC has known since at least 2002 that mercury containing vaccines contributed to the rise in autism. The famous debunked autism / mercury containing vaccine connection came from the Danish study that ascertained once mercury was phased out of vaccines in 1992 the rate of autism did not go down and actually appeared to go up. Through the Freedom of Information Act and the perseverance of autism dad Brian Hooker, several flaws were detected in this research; including a change in diagnostic criteria in 1994 and possibly out right hidden data showing a clear decline not rise after the mercury in question had been removed.

The mainstream allopathic medicine has admitted for years that mercury can cause neurological damage including Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. So why deny autism?

And what about Dr. Paul Thorsen one of the co-authors of this fraudulent report? See excerpt about Dr. Thorsen from the Bolen Report article:

Finally, although the CDC claims that this is an independent publication, co-author Dr. Paul Thorsen was in residence at the CDC at the time of the study. In addition, Dr. Thorsen made a specific request that Dr. Jose Cordero, then director of the NCBDDD write a letter to the editor of the journal Pediatrics for expedited review and publication of the Madsen et al. 2003 study. Dr. Thorsen in April, 2011 was indicted by the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia for embezzlement of funds from a CDC grant to his institution, the North Atlantic Neuro-Epidemiology Alliance.

So clearly when we heard this news about Dr. Thorsen's embezzlement, we smelled a rat. Obviously this study was rigged all along but why did Thorsen wait until 2011 to fly the coop, if he's known since at least 2002? Is it possible that not only did he know the ax was going to fall but he had an idea of when?

The other day a friend Sallie Elkrody had on her radio show strong vaccine opponent and mother of a vaccine damaged child, Dr. Rebecca Carley. Not even discussing the Bolen Report, Dr. Carley said something during this interview that shocked me, "mercury causes autism, is the biggest lie ever told." What's that? "Mercury and aluminum cause Alzheimer’s..." She went on to describe that vaccines indeed do cause autism but it is some of the other equally vial ingredients such as the DNA of animals and live viruses as the ones in the MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine that are the ultimate culprit. Interesting.. In my own personal experience with my vaccine injured son, the initial regressing took place after MMR, Chicken Pox combination which have never been known to contain mercury. Varicella or Chicken Pox vaccine is however cultivated in the embryos of chicken eggs, which I would later discover my son had an allergy to. Dr. Carley also asserted that allergies are caused by the ingredients being injected into the body. Although it's questionable if a 100 percent mercury free vaccine actually exists as it's frequently used as sterilizing agent for the vaccine syringe, it cannot be used as an adjuvant with a live virus given its antiseptic qualities. It will ultimately kill the virus rendering the vaccine useless.. Useless? Yeah, I caught that as funny too. I know it's useless anyway. Dr. Carley also went on to describe anyone who claims mercury as the sole cause of autism is a disinformant (my word not her's but you get the idea).

In response to the 2007 news release by Mr. David A. Geier and Dr. Mark R. Geier, "A Prospective Study of Mercury Toxicity Biomarkers in Autistic Spectrum Disorders" that illustrates a probable connection between mercury poisoning and autism Dr. Carley made the following statement:

Autism is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis caused by the measles vaccine; they changed the name to autism to hide this fact. It is due to demyelination, as is MS, Guillan Barre syndrome, Lou Gehrig's disease, etc...the only thing that determines the symptoms (and thus the disease the symptoms fit into) is where the nervous system is damaged. This is all explained in the documents on

The measles vaccine has NEVER had mercury in it. But, of course the autistic children have mercury in them, because many of the other vaccines they receive had it. This mercury scam is being distributed because they want people to beLIEve that if they take the mercury out, vaccines will be safe. A bigger lie has never been told.

Wow. As I already mentioned in the case of my son's descent into autism it was the MMR vaccine that got the ball rolling, the others were just the horrible icing on the monkey kidney cake. I know several others with the same experience.

And what about Wakefield? Thanks to the likes of mainstream media outlets such as CNN (or as I like to call it Certainly Not News), British born Dr. Andrew Wakefield who wrote the infamous paper in the Lancet medical journal stating a possible connection between MMR vaccine and autism, Wakefield is known the world over as a huge fraud. However, those of us in the vaccine injured community regard him as an outstanding doctor with a strong moral fiber and character. Despite the fact he never made the claim the MMR vaccine in fact caused autism but it merely needed further study he was burned at the proverbial stake... publically chastised, lost license, lost country but has never quieted about the facts of his findings nor did he ever change his story.

The mercury autism debate has been raging for some time even by some fairly powerful and influential folks. In 2002 Congressman Dan Burton also discussed mercury in vaccines as causing his Grandson's regressive autism. In 2005 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote the article "Deadly Immunity" about this very type of CDC cover up. Also in 2005 David Kirby's book "Evidence of Harm" provided damning evidence of a mercury containing vaccine, autism causation. Dr. Carley refers to Kirby as a disinformant; I met him briefly at the Autism One conference in 2010, he was very sweet and I can't say he was wearing a sign that said "liar" on it. So.. I'm not prepared to accuse him of anything.

Having many friends in the autism community the stories I hear most frequently are that their child's regressive autism took place after the once mercury containing Hepatitis B, the sometimes mercury containing DPT or the never mercury containing MMR. I have never heard it attributed to a flu shot which most definitely to this day contains mercury and has reportedly caused a nearly 10 fold increase of Alzheimer's in those who take the shot 5 years or more in a row.

So what's the deal? Does mercury cause autism or not? Well if you Google the symptoms of autism and compare them to the symptoms of mercury poisoning it's really hard not to notice similarities; however, it seems that there are many of us out there that have a different story when it comes to our child's autistic regression.

Where am I going with this, you might ask? First of all, I think it's time to start calling autism or autisms what it.. they.. really are.. Vaccine damage. Sure I know a few that have never been vaccinated and the child still would later receive a diagnosis of autism; however, Dam Olmstead's Age of Autism article comparing the 1/10,000 primarily unvaccinated Amish rate to the 1/150 National average autism rate that it was in 2005 (today it's estimated around 1/91 or higher) it's hard not to call vaccines the heavy hitter. Ultimately autism as a diagnosis is irrelevant. It's certainly not a behavioral disorder, psychiatric disorder, or as some like to say "bratty kid" as a result of lack luster parenting. There has been a toxic assault on the body.. period.

The other point I would like to leave you with is where I agree with Dr. Carley and that is be aware of the disinformant. While mercury is a big problem in many ways, it's highly unlikely that it is the only cause of autism. This is why I advocate for getting at and addressing the core problem, be it mercury, live virus, bovine serum, God knows what else.. but still it's extremely important not to get too excited when the CDC comes out and claims it will no longer use mercury in vaccines. There will be those who will start claiming that now that the mercury has been removed from vaccines, they are safe. These people will either be grossly misinformed or bald faced liars. I don't like extremes but I also don't like idling. Vaccines aren't safe.. period. They don't protect us.. period. Some vaccine safety advocates have taken the stance of "not against vaccines but in favor of safer vaccines". Personally I wouldn't trust the CDC to safely plan a trip to zoo, so I'm not holding my breath for them to come up with some sound solution. Forget it! Negotiation time is over, they had their chance and we're on our own. Time to close the door on this extremely dark chapter of our medical history that is so diabolical it has us longing for bloodletting leeches. Ultimately our health is our own hands and there's nothing they can do to stop us.

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