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California and a Tale of Two Bills! Part 2

It was brought to my attention that I did not bring up many of the numerous flaws of Autism Insurance Reform bill SB 946 in my last post. Didn't I catch the fact that it was not covering Bio-medical treaments for autism? Yes, I caught it... even before reading the bill.. I caught it. I have become inundated with the reality that government is so inept that it would take a miracle for it to regard biomedical treatments as anything other than "experimental". But there are many biomedical interventions that have been just as widely tested as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and this bill is going to enforce private insurance to cover ONLY that treatment. This is very true and wouldn't it be beneficial to our children should some of these biomedical treatments be covered by insurance? It would certainly help the cash strapped families, some of whom never go down the biomed road due to financial restrictions. For those who are confused by what I'm referring to, let me explain what I mean by "biomedical". Autism is still regarded by mainstream allopathic medicine as a psychological behavioral disorder. Allopathic medicine somehow disregards that our bodies are connected. They seem to think that the brain is an entity on to itself and that should you have a neurological disorder it would have nothing to do with the health of your body. But April aren't there more neurotransmitters in the gut than in the brain? Yes, I believe there are... doesn't matter, if government forces insurance companies to pay out on biomedical treatments then they have to begin acknowledging how those on the autistic spectrum got there. For example, if they begin funding the use of chelation therapy which removes heavy metal toxins from the body, they will have to investigate into how the heavy metals got there in the first place. Despite the fact that the Autism Research Institute survey has stated that 74 percent of families report improvement in their child's autistic symptoms after chelation the government who has caused the problem in the first place will not clean up it's own mess. Continuing through the ARI families survey (see pdf below) you will find that there are several non drug biomedical treatments that had an improvement rating of 60 percent or higher including dietary interventions, supplementation such as Methyl B12 injections, digestive enzynmes, essential fatty acids, etc. etc. All of which have an extremely low ratio of a worsening of symptoms. On the other hand you have what insurance will cover.. drugs and the only one to receive an over 60 percent improvement ratings was Difulcan, an antifungal which is used to kill Candida or Yeast overgrowth. On average most drugs targeting the reduction of autistic "behaviors" as described in this survey displayed a greater ratio of worsening of symptoms than improvement, for example Ritalin comes in with 45 percent got worse, 26 percent had no effect and 29 percent got better. I don't know what "got better" means but I suppose if the child is hyperactive and becomes more sedate that maybe defined as "got better". If 71 percent of families in the survey experience an improvement by the introduction of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for instance, a diet that restricts disaccharide and polysaccharide sugars (di meaning two, poly meaning many) and only 7 percent claimed a worsening wouldn't that be a more safe and effective route to travel than the prescribing of Ritalin? But by now we should all know logic in government and allopathic medicine is an oxymoron. Certainly we also are aware of where their loyalities lie.


In previous years under the reign of Republican governator, Arnold Schwarznegar certain "alternative" treatments were covered by the Regional Centers. Biomedical never fell under that category; however, other such extremely well proven treatments that were regarded as "alternative" were. These might have included Hippo (horse) therapy, music, RDI (Relationshipship Developmental Intervention), Swimming and Gymanastics. But since Republicans like to cut government spending that usually impacts people on social services most of these are now gone. Democrats being no better come in and enforce regulations on corporations which causes problems like price increase. Oh.. April you're just one of those people that hates government. Yeah and.. It's always quite predictable the outcome of these things you just need to look at the supporters. If you take for example AB499 signed by all democrats supported by liberal groups such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood (don't get me started on the conflicts of interest there) it is easy to see why Governor Brown would agree to it. Does Moonbeam really have illusions that he's going to win over such conservative groups as the Catholics for the Common Good a strong opponent to bill AB499? Of course he knows they'll never vote from him anyway. If you liken it to the mafia do you really think a Corleone is going to side with a Gambino? The result however is always "New boss same as the old..." And the perpetuel charade of false right/left politics, tag team, professional wrestling, theater of the absurd, divide and conquer.. etc., etc. Anyway, in a discussion today I'm having with one of my son's therapist SB 946 comes up. She tells me that she has several out of state clients and those states seem to have a much more logical and cost effective way of handling the autism epidemic. How so? The families are given stipends that can be used to provide services through any approved vendor, a wide variety of treatments are available not just ABA and parents are able to make the choice but this completely eliminates the middle man thereby making regional centers obsolete. All the taxpayer spending on buildings, case workers, supervisors etc. is unnecessary. Honestly, how stupid is California? You mean other states use less tax payer's money to get more done and parent's rights to choose their own child's treatments are respected? Good lord. She also goes on to tell me that most providers worth their salt won't touch insurance companies because their paperwork is a nightmare and they are constantly decreasing the rates they will pay out on. Why didn't Govenor Schwazneggar cut spending by initiating a reform such as those used in other states? Why the need for restrictions on the private sector if you could reduce spending in such a manner, democrats? In my interview on this subject with Robert Scott Bell the other day, Robert brings up a point that hadn't even occured to me about how government regulates the insurance companies out of existence. Light bulb! Obamacare, of course, I almost forgot about that. Social medicine is the end goal anyway, right? Innoculations for everyone.. plus we'lll cover your ABA therapy after our forced vaccination program makes your child autistic but if the ABA program is ineffective as it is for many autistic children, tough luck as we won't pay for anything else.


Another angle that in my last post I glided over quickly was that bill SB 946 was an Autism Speaks lobby. To many in the autism community it is no secret that Autism Speaks the largest autism "non-profit" has never been our friend. AS is one of those organizations that prides itself on "raising awareness" by the selling of blue mercury laden CFL light bulbs because apparently "lighting it up blue" (their slogan) cures autism. (And sarcasm is a second language to me, so..)

In 2010 Autism Speaks supported two controversial insurance bills S7000B/A10372A in the state of New York. These were well critized by many in the autism community including The New York Occupational Therapy Association. They assertained that these bills would cause two well established therapies Speech and Occupational to no longer be covered. Pediatric occupational thearpy is one of the more crucial rehabilitations for autism as it helps to improve motor function and sensory integration through techniques that include play and movement. It is not unlike those used for stroke victims in order to restore functions; as an added bonus it can offer exertion and movement which has been well established to reduce inflammation, improve sleep and cognition. AS has also been a strong opponent of the use of biomedical interventions, takes a stance in favor of vaccination and have been known to hire directly out of pharmaceutical companies. Alison Singer former head of Autism Speaks co-founded Autism Science Foundation with vaccine developer and proponent Dr. Paul Offit for profit, who also happens to be the head of the American Association of Pediatrics. Singer came out after the introduction of the above bills mentioned to say that they had been drafted by law firm that represents Autism Speaks as well as insurance giants Anthem Blue Cross and pharmaceutical manufactuers Merck and Pfizer. Hmm.. Anyone confused about where I'm going with this? The following excerpts were taken from a June 2011, Vaccine Truth article that goes in to much greater detail about how far the AS pharmaceutical connection goes.

"After the U.S. government’s secret payouts, consider Autism Speaks’s position on vaccines. The organization’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Geri Dawson says this:
“Let me be clear: Autism Speaks fully supports childhood immunization and strongly encourages parents to vaccinate their children. Our vaccine program is one of our nation’s most effective programs for preventing serious infectious diseases.” [JJA Emphasis]

By their own account, shortly after Pfizer created the Autism Unit, Autism Speaks was involved in establishing a partnership with the pharmaceutical company. Page 43 of a document entitled ‘Autism Speaks 3-Year Strategic Plan for Science’ states,
Autism Speaks and Pfizer’s Neuroscience unit established a partnership that will launch Autism Speaks’ Translational Medicine Initiative. In 2010 [a year before Ring’s official appointment], leaders in the field were brought together to spearhead the development of two key conferences co-sponsored by both organizations that will help the field develop more targeted and effective therapeutics. [JJA emphasis and note]
See the Strategic Plan document here:

The importance of Dr. Ring’s (Robert Ring, PhD, a scientist from Pfizer, was placed “into to the newly-created position of vice president of translational research.”) appointment is apparent. The two conferences mentioned above were to birth and legitimize pharmaceuticals to treat autistic children. But, instead of leaving this up for interpretation, page 44 of the same document spells it out in plain language:
“…The goals of this meeting are to facilitate the entry of pharmaceutical companies into autism, assist in identification of molecular targets and strategies for their validation, and better pinpoint the challenges, gaps, and needs in moving from discovery to application.
“Both meetings are intended to provide a forum for cross-fertilization among leaders from research funding agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, the Food and Drug Administration, as well as experts in outcome measurement and clinical trials…” [Emphasis added]
Despite this early relationship, Autism Speaks Public Relations assured me in an e-mail that “Dr. Ring was selected following a competitive process involving a number of highly qualified candidates, concluding with his appointment by the Autism Speaks Board.”"

Given the limitations of the autism insurance reform bill SB946 I have mentioned in this post as well as the last, in addition to the well hidden HIV clause, on top of the fact that this bill is supported by major not for profit but actually very much for profit pharma whore Autism Speaks, why would we trust it? At best it may help some people, some what. At worst.. do I really need to say?

Hmmm.. Come to mention it, since Autism Speaks hired the law firm Mannatt, Phelps and Phillips to lobby for the New York insurance bills mentioned and this same law firm also happens to be a representive of Merck who manufactuers the Gardasil vaccine as well the currently in development HIV vaccine, you have to wonder how far the rabbit hole goes. I could end up writing "California and a Tale of Two Bills! Part 2000" before all this is said and done.


Shortly after learning of Governor Brown's signing of pro-vaccine bill AB499, a fellow vaccine activist, parent, educator and founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement, Joel Lord posted the following message:

‎"It is now more important than ever for parents to educate themselves on the dangers posed by the HPV vaccine Gardasil (without a doubt the most deadly of all vaccines currently on the market); while ensuring the channels with their child/children remain open at all times. Sit them down, show them the evidence calmly & consistently. Most young boys & girls will quickly curdle at the suggestion of knowingly inviting hybrid Cervical Cancer, infertility/sterility, nerve damage/paralysis & Multiple Sclerosis like symptoms into their lives. Common sense, prudence & education can still beat out ignorance and prevent this legislation from ever taking effect on the ground, forever damaging the lives of our precious families."


When I think back to 2007 when my son was first diagnosed with autism I can't remember the names of any of the government officials and very few of the therapists who came and went as part of my son's intervention team. I do remember and remain in contact with many of the people, mostly mother's of autistic children that gave me advice, a reason to hope and the desire to never give up. They taught me about nutrition, diet and health with the incentive that I "heal the gut and the brian will follow." I never got that from any government institution or private corporation or inanimate heartless foundation. These women were not paid, they did not work for the government, they were not famous and they never told me I was crazy for thinking my son's autism was vaccine induced.. quite the opposite. The question I would like to ask is how many times do we get sold out by our government to corporate interest before we realize they're not on our side? How many phone calls and letters did you write to veto AB499? If there's a lesson to be learned it is that our healing process is to come from within, forgiveness of ourselves and the mistakes that we have made. Now more than every it is time to reconnect with each other, reach out for guidance and offer it to those in need. While I preach healing it remains a process I have yet to embark on my own. I remain unable to forgive myself for practicing such negligence on my son's behalf and allowing him to be injected with neurologically debilatating toxins. Each night before bed after story time, a song and prayer for my son's recovery. I remind him of how much he is loved and of all the things he will one day be able to do... running around, riding on scooters with his 8 year old, neurotypical brother and his friends. While he cannot express his desire through words, I know this is something he looks forward to as I remind it's time for prayer, he places his hand together towards the sky and deeply looks into my eyes and I looking back at this angelic face tell him I know he is trapped, I know he is smart and I know he wants more and God willing he will have it.. God knows we work hard enough for it. Tonight I will prayer for us all, I will prayer for my children, I will thank God for all you and perhaps I will prayer for myself too.

This is by no means an encouragement to stop protesting, ranting, fighting and spreading the truth.. no, quite the opposite. It is time however to put aside our differences in order to achieve the goals I believe we all share.. protecting the furture of our children, reconnecting, truth and healing.

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