Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vaccines and Mind Control: Indoctrinating our Children (Part 1)

If you ask someone if they think for themselves, most people would say that while they engage in the fruits of our abundant society they still maintain a true sense of self, understanding, knowing who they are and believe that "yes, in fact my thoughts are my own." I've been pondering this a lot lately especially after witnessing the recent media lynching of Dr. Andrew Wakefield (the gastroenterologist who in 1998 conducted the now infamous study showing a potential link to the MMR vaccine and autism). Despite the fact that Wakefield never claimed vaccines caused autism but merely suggested that there was a need for concern and to do further research, the good doctor has lost his medical license, his country and his credibility in the eyes of most but certainly not from the autism/vaccine injured community (or anyone who knows the history of vaccines for that matter). The reactions are not surprising, the media will repeatedly use language that is subltly offensive to the vaccine injured such as "despite the fact that Dr. Wakefield has been found to be a fraud, this will not change the minds of parents who swear their children were vaccine injured.." and on and on.. It's exhausting in it's stupidity, lack of research, fake fraud claims and outright lies. For some strange reason as I hear these words repeated by the likes of Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and many others at the Ted Turner owned network of CNN, I was reminded of an experience I had while leaving the theater school I attended in downtown San Francisco during the early 1990s. Frequently, I would find myself on the other end of multiple requests by strangers walking the streets. Homeless asking for money, store shop solicitors asking me to buy and the occasional Jehovah's Witness asking for my repentance. On more then one occasion I was on the receiving end of similar request coming from the Church of Scientology. Being a person that does her best to respect others and not judge, unlike many of my friends who would tell the Scientologist where to put their surveys, I would merely take one, smile and walk away. Out of curiosity I started reading and I found it to be a very strange personality test given out to people who were supposed recruits. First of all there were hundreds of them but one in particular struck me as quite odd, "Do you read maps and dictionaries for fun?" What's wrong with that I thought, because it was and is in fact something I occasionally do. In retrospect I wonder why I automatically leaped to the assumption that there must be something wrong with it. Hind sight being the glorious gift and curse it is I have come up with this, the old tried and true mind control tactic "problem, reaction, solution". This was so ingrained in my psyche to expect something wrong (problem) with me that it was my knee jerk reaction to a question that I had answered in the affirmative. Many of us would secretly hope that while taking a questionnaire such as this, we will answer negative to all and find out we are perfectly normal but with hundreds of questions of varying topics you're bound to come across a few that may reflect your truth. On a larger scale we have an understanding this goes on, i.e. the Kool-Aid drinkers at Jonestown, the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas, the Charles Manson gang but I had never been apart of a cult and yet still I was vulnerable to the subtle suggestion of a survey. I've come to understand since then that there is nothing wrong with me. Certainly I possess human imperfections, weaknesses and flaws but nothing is wrong. So what does any of this have to do with vaccines, autism and/or Andrew Wakefield? Nothing.. but it has everything to do with the way we perceive these things.

As a general rule, I do my best to avoid the mainstream media and I am quite aware of these tactics being used in a much more sophisticated and subtle way on most if not all major networks. However, as an autism parent and Andrew Wakefield supporter I was bombarded with emails, facebook updates and posts pertaining the various public lynching I mentioned earlier. The whole thing enraged me to no end but eventually as I calmed I remembered a quote I had once read, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” Adolf Hilter. These indoctrination techniques, however, are not reserved for adults fooled by their presidential candidate or cult victims. It begins at birth and television is it's most prominent vessel. As we watch the Flintstone's commercial above it maybe shocking even funny to see such an outdated understanding of the dangers of cigarettes and the particular naivety of it being targeted towards children. You might even chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. Certainly we know better now... Right?

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