Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vaccines and Mind Control: The Engineering of Consent (Part 2)

After watching the CNN Anderson Cooper interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield I like many of my fellow autism parents was pissed. I found myself getting sucked into what I call the Matrix. What this means to me is that I am being drawn into a world of illusion. I certainly find corporate media such as CNN to be catalyst of this Matrix, dream like society. Here's some history on CNN. It was founded in 1980 by Ted Turner as the first 24 hour news channel. In the 1990s it became very popular for it's coverage of the American invasion of Iraq known as the Gulf War. So what? Well Ted Turner has been in the news a lot lately as environmental advocate and catalyst against climate change. OK, that sounds good? Not so fast. Not even trying to get into the flaws of the "global warming" science, Turner has made millions of donations into the World Health Organization to promote the Gates Foundation "Decade of Vaccines" campaign.

So what's going on here? Notice the words that Anderson Cooper uses, "many parents desperate for answers".. We're always "desperate" aren't we? Never intelligent, educated and fed up, no.. "desperate". Desperate for what? To find a cause that we may have prevented? Nice try but no.. there's no comfort in that. He also accuses Dr. Wakefield of claiming a "conspiracy". Very divisive verbiage indeed. Despite the fact that Wakefield repeatedly denies any conspiracy accusation, Anderson Cooper continues. "Conspiracy" is a heavy handed word, so is "fraud", "liar" and on and on... Before you know it Andrew Wakefield will be linked to al Quaeda and considered a known terrorist. While these are heavy handed words they are far from accurate. I could go on all day with this topic. The media has been on all out campaign to promote vaccination and to debunk the discrediting of it; however, time and time again they fail to produce any reliable information that proves it's efficacy or safety. But without continuing to go on about what they aren't saying let me see if I can focus in on what they are saying and better yet why they are using these particular words. Well it's simple, news shows have long been run by advertisement agents, in other words the same people selling you bottles of ketchup and uncle Ben's rice are selling you the news. That's right, the news is sold just like everything else. To go even further it should be pointed out that advertisers are instructed by psychologists, yes psychologists, Freud, "tell me your problems" and all that.

Speaking of Freud, his less famous nephew, Edward Bernays, wrote an essay in 1947 known as "The Engineering of Consent". This technique of engineering the mindset of the public would be used in countless marketing campaigns even today from convincing the public to use a flouridated water system in the municipal supply to convincing women to start smoking (a previously male only activity).

"He defines "engineering consent" as the art of manipulating people; specifically, the American public, who are described as "fundamentally irrational people... who could not be trusted." It maintained that entire populations, which were undisciplined or lacking in intellectual or definite moral principles, were vulnerable to unconscious influence and thus susceptible to want things that they do not need. This was achieved by linking those products and ideas to their unconscious desires. Ernest Dichter, who is widely considered to be the "father of motivational research," referred to this as "the secret-self of the American consumer." (Excerpt taken from Wikipedia)

So again, what does this all have to do with autism and vaccines? There are only 6 major corporations that run approximately 90 percent of the multi-media and they are sponsored by.. you got it, pharmaceutical companies. Putting that aside if you can, remember the words of Bernays, you (meaning the public) are "fundamentally irrational people... could not be trusted.." Irrational? Maybe "desperate", Mr. Cooper? Think about this, the next time you watch TV news or better yet unplug from the Matrix, they can't sell you what you don't buy and if you see Neo please send him my way.

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