Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vaccine Mandates!?

In my previous post I wrote about the Walgreen's flu shot quota. I have since been corrected by one of the Walgreen's employees that it is not a quota but a GOAL "big difference" he said because "we don't receive a bonus" for meeting goal. Another employee informed me that they do not receive bonuses but will receive write ups and threats if they forget to ask each customer who enters their stores if they want a flu shot. Walgreen's is not the only corporation to use unethical tactics for bringing in flu shot recipients. We've seen plugs on Dr. Oz's show who's admitted that his own family refuses H1N1 vaccine but since he has stock in a major vaccine manufacturer I guess his interest is a little cloudy. Other places we've seen vaccine plugs are on PBS's "Sid the Science Kid" and ABC's "Regis & Kelly Live" but another tactic made by a local community establishment topped 'em all. Naked women, breakfast buffet and a free flu shot. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Watch here:
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The good news is that people in droves are refusing the shot. Many have personal experiences of getting "flu like" symptoms after getting the shot and new studies are coming out almost every week that illustrates the benefits of keeping Vitamin D levels normal. It has been shown to be highly effective at reducing inflammation and reducing incidents of the flu. So why not just get more sunlight (if you can) and take a Vitamin D3 supplement? Well I guess the answer is clear; that it doesn't serve the interest of Big Pharma who without a doubt has a great deal of influence on our government. They are not however giving up! The noose on vaccine mandates is growing tighter by the day. Most recently we've seen this enforced on health care providers even on those that do not work with the general public. In other words for NO good reason. At least not as far as the people are concerned. Without becoming too redundant I ask if this is an exploitation once again of the economic recession? Would these mandates be as effective if jobs were not so scarce? Think to yourself about the tragedy of terrors that have occured in this country, terror that we've gone to 2 and possible a 3rd. war over. 3000 people died during the 9/11 attacks which by all means is a grave tragedy. Now how many people each year die from adversions to prescription and non-prescription medications? The July 1998 issue of The American Journal of Medicine explains the number of deaths each year related to the use of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs as follows:

“Conservative calculations estimate that approximately 107,000 patients are hospitalized annually for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-related gastrointestinal (GI) complications and at least 16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur each year among arthritis patients alone.”

How many side effects are related to FDA approved foods like the recent egg recall? How many preventable deaths are related to the use of anti-depressants and other prescription medications? Now we're learning that Genetically Modified Foods may play a role in obesity and diabetes both are two of the largest major causes of preventable deaths in this country. Approved foods and drugs by your government agency, the FDA. Now ask yourself who is the real terror threat?